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Two Brothers

This mother wrote to me about photographing her little boys: “I am hoping to capture them—they just keep growing and time is flying!” I am so on board with that idea, to relish the moment and to realize it’s fleeting… and to capture some images that will help us hold the memories. My goal is to make images that cross over from snapshots into something more timeless.

We met at a conservation area in Needham, and these little guys were great about going about the serious business of having fun and letting me follow them with my camera. Actually, the younger one did not seem to be trying to have fun; he was just working very hard to be like his brother, watching him closely as a model for how to run like a superhero, how to climb trees and blow bubbles and do all the impressive things older brothers can do! I asked the older one if he knew any songs and he sang me the entire Ninja Turtles theme song which, as it turns out, has a lot of verses!


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