Me at the Marathon!

This past April I was an official photographer for the Boston Marathon, covering the medical support teams. My beat was Medical Tent B and the surrounding area—not the tent at the finish line, but the one after the runners have finished and then must walk a couple of long city blocks to get to their gear and their people. They are cooling off and using their last shreds of energy to get there! So sometimes they need to head into the medical tent for some care. Or they get picked up by the fleets of friendly volunteers proffering wheelchair rides to the tent.

It is such a huge operation and so organized. All those medical volunteers so efficient, so kind and helpful, so upbeat! Plus, really fun for a photographer to have that access to go everywhere and wearing all the credentials so no one minded that I was taking photos. A visual feast, so much color and faces and emotion. Quite a day. Thanks to my friend Mickey Goldin who recruited me and to both him and Richard Van Inwegen for preparing me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. (I can’t share the photos, but I trust they are being put to good use.) Thanks to Richard “Medical Tent A” Van Inwegen for this photo.