Some nice letters from the people in front of the camera.

The photos are wonderful! You really captured every aspect and the spirit of the event. —Kayla Hopkins, JFS of Metrowest


I LOVE these. I showed my mom yesterday. As expected… she cried. 🙂 Thank you for dealing with my awkwardness and making something I really love. —Chelsea (web designer and professor)


I just added one of the photos to my website, and realized I needed to make it bigger!  The previous picture was good, but this one feels so much more genuine.  … Your referral program sounds great.  Even without that I’m already telling everyone about you. —Ean (massage therapist and illustrator)


So many good pictures — thank you! Usually, when I look at pictures of myself, I am trying to choose among the least bad ones. These are all so good!… will certainly refer anyone who is looking for an awesome photographer to you. —Gretchen (academic success coach)


These look great, Axie! … Thanks again! …  I really appreciate you joining us! —Emilie Aries, (founder and CEO, BossedUp.com)


Oh my gosh! These are exactly what I hoped for and really, are nicer than I had hoped… They look fabulous!  You really captured exactly who the boys are right now… I love them. —Amy (psychologist)


The photos are just terrific! … You’ve helped me to overcome my self-consciousness. 🙂 —Beth (psychologist)


Thank you so much for sending these! For the past half hour, J and I have been drooling over them! … I will certainly enjoy these for years to come! 🙂 —Sara (dancer)


Thank you so much for that experience, it was really interesting watching you go about the process.  —Charlotte (biologist)


Thanks for all your time and energy today. You really made me feel like I could be myself! Thanks for making me feel “pretty.”  —Kim (music teacher)


That is the best picture anyone has ever taken of me.   —Ariana


Such different effects—so interesting what you’re able to do with just a few variables. … What you’ve sent looks so much better than I’d hoped.  —Jennifer (medical professional)

portrait of creative professional

Thanks so much. I haven’t seen a picture of myself that I liked in ten years and 25 pounds…  —Kate (school administrator)


You are all really sweet! But I must give credit where it is due … this is the work of an amazingly talented photographer. If you want to look beautiful, and you live in the Boston area, run—don’t walk—to Axie Breen in Needham! –Kristin (medical writer) (from Facebook)


Thanks, Axie!! You are a wizard! —Liz (financial planner)


Hi, Axie— Thanks so much! The pix are awesome!—Gail


It looks GREAT!!!!!!  Thank you!!! —Cathy


I’m so happy with how they came out!   —Alyson (technical writer)


Fabulous! —Ben (small business owner)


Thank you so much for the photo shoot this afternoon.  Thank you for taking such good photos.  I look forward to the CD and the poster. —David (classical singer)


Wow! Looks great, Axie! Thanks a lot. —Eric (hospital administrator)


Once again, I’m beyond amazed with what you’ve created! You truly have a talent! I look forward to working with you again in the future!  🙂 –Sara (dancer)


I LOVE THEM!!  Especially the first one! THANK YOU!!! –Sally (Montessori school owner)